Welcome to biblioplateau.ch, an online library dedicated to the subject of gambling.

The rise of the World Wide Web has opened so many streams of possibilities for the hungry mind. Remember when you had to browse the public library shelf upon shelf just to find any information that might help you in your research?

Those days are long gone. We have entered a revolutionary age where information is readily accessible for those who seek it. In the era of digitalisation, information is right at our fingertips – figuratively and literally.

For those interested in investigating the many facets of gambling, as well as the science, laws and economics that surround it, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity. Bibliotheque exists to help you exploit the freedom, ease and speed that only online research can offer.

What is a digital library?

Just like a brick-and-mortar library, a digital library is a collection of materials that provide information on a variety of subjects. The obvious difference between a traditional library and a digital one is that the latter stores information in an electronic format – it organises its materials in webpages instead of physical shelves.

But its advantages go beyond that. Digital libraries can be accessed more quickly and easily. It also makes information available from anywhere in the world. Gathering information from the internet saves researchers so much time and effort.

How does Bibliotheque differ from other digital libraries?

Unlike other online libraries, Bibliotheque is focused on one topic: gambling. The subject of gambling, of course, is a broad spectrum of subtopics, most of which are covered in our website.

Our website employs the latest technology to ensure user experience is unmatched. We take pride in our servers’ ability to provide fast, error-free service. Content-wise, we can confidently say that we offer the best collection of online resources that contain accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information on topics that relate to gambling.  As well as colating gambling resources into one location, we also from time to time write on a variety of gambling subjects, and some of our work can be seen on the casino portal casinosenligne.be.  We also write periodically for other gambling websites, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if this service is of interest.

Furthermore, our website is backed by reliable and brilliant professionals in the fields of information technology, education, psychology, research and client support. Unlike other information portals, our team uses a personal approach in making sure your needs are met. We do not just put information out there; we make ourselves available and approachable, always ready to respond to your needs. We are just one email away. Regardless of the nature of your concern or request, someone is always available to assist you.

Why use a digital library?

In writing a research paper, the question of whether or not to include online resources always comes to mind. Are electronic sources acceptable? Are they reliable? Do they give the same amount of credibility for my paper that traditionally published materials offer?

The answer is yes, yes and yes. While we are used to giving a higher regard for traditional books and publications as references when doing research, there are actually no rules that brand online resources as inferior.

To help convince you, we have created a list of advantages that are offered by using electronic libraries for your research.

1. Accessible from Anywhere

Gone are the days when you have to travel miles to visit a library. Thanks to digital libraries, you can now do your research from anywhere in the world.

2. Less Space, More Storage Capabilities

Using real, traditional research materials, consumes a lot of space. Whether it is on your desk, library table or bookshelf, traditionally published sources can take up so much room. Bringing everything you need with you is almost impossible as books are usually too heavy to carry. With digital sources, however, storage rarely becomes a problem. You can save as much information as your storage device allows. You can also copy everything and easily go over it at a later time to determine which parts are useful.

3. Bookmarking without Actual Bookmarks

Flipping from one resource to another will not hurt your research as you can easily add a page to your online bookmark list and use it at a later time. Online libraries are a multitasker’s friend.

4. Affordable or Even Better, Free

Many websites offer information in exchange for a small fee, but most of them are actually free. No need to buy or rent books and no need to pay library membership fees. Most online libraries do away with different types of fees because the cost of maintaining these websites are usually way lower than required by maintaining a physical library.

5. Open Round the Clock

Traditional libraries close at five o’clock. Online libraries don’t. In fact, they never need to close at all. Electronic research sources are open 24/7. This means that you can access them at your convenience. No need to wake up early and no need to rush because closing time is approaching.

6. Richer, Better Organised Content

The ease that comes with collecting information through an online portal has allowed website administrators to offer more content for its users. Most electronic libraries are also well organised, making browsing effortless.

Why Research on Gambling is Important Today?

Gaming and casino businesses have become two of the biggest economic contributors of our time. It is estimated that over a hundred thousand gambling establishments all over the world will be opened by the year 2030. These industries provide jobs to millions of people and contribute a huge sum of money to our governments in the form of taxes.

As an industry that generates one of the highest revenues globally, gambling is considered a primary economic component. Still, many view it as an evil and we cannot blame them. Relationships have been broken because of the increasing number of gambling addiction cases. The quality of life of those affected by compulsive gambling are reported to have significantly deteriorated. Certain organisations suggest that studying human gambling behaviour is key to finding a solution to this “problem.”

In addition, scientists propose that a thorough study of gambling would help us understand how the human brain works. So much psychology and biology is involved in gambling and knowing how these fields are connected to gambling behavior will make it easier to understand how things work within the human mind.

Whether it is for business, science or the simple love for humanity, gambling is definitely a topic that needs more attention.